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The Fifth Generation of the Jupiter Website Builder.

     Performance Boosted               Smaller File Sizes               More Customisation

performance boosted

smaller file sizes

more customization

Better overall performance:
CPU and battery saving

Heavily optimised DOM interactions will keep your processor cool and save some energy for longer surfing. Redraw is minimised as much as possible.

Native Parallax

This new innovative method introduces a technology that renders via GPU, smoothing the overall native browser scroll and creating a uniquely luxurious scrolling experience.

Shortcode dependency management

New efficient modular architecture without over-bloated files. Required scripts and styles will be added only when they’re needed.

Javascript plugin lazy loading

All heavy scripts are required from the server on the fly, only when needed. They are cached, downloaded in parallel and execute all relying code as callbacks.

File size reduction

All legacy code has been revised and any unused code has been removed. Many class names have been rewritten and a massive part of the codebase has been converted into composable modules.

Faster page load time

All components apply and trigger via single DOM traversing. Cached modules get registered automatically and are fired all at once when needed.

Parallax scroll Re-defined

Nowadays, many big and small business website templates are taking advantage of Parallax scrolling and yet almost all of them are doing it wrong. Once the Parallax script is triggered the scrolling performance and experience is usually compromised. We’ve resolved that glitch though. Now in the Jupiter V5 business WordPress theme,you can create complex parallax pages with a fast and performant scroll.

GPU rendering

GPU rendering

Innovative Smooth Scroll

Innovative Smooth Scroll

New header styles

Enjoy more than 12 new header styles with options for customisation that allow you to insert headers pretty much everywhere in the page.

your Shop

An integral part of all business website templates is the Shop section. Our Shop element allows you to change the colors, remove or add new fields and customise the layout in just seconds, creating an eye-catching product line.

Category Showcase

From now on you can present your content in a more fashionable and organized way. Set thumbnail images to categories and let users search through your Shop, Portfolio and Blogs.

Photo album

Create awesome photo albums in different layouts with impressive hover styles. Let your users get a sneak peek of your album before opening it by using tiny thumbnails. Viewing photos in a brand new edge slideshow has never been better.


Pricing table builder

What every business WordPress theme should have, pricing tables are the perfect tool for presenting your pricing and plans. And of course, we give you the freedom you want to change the color, size and layouts for a truly customised website.

Shape divider

Jazz up the way you divide your content by giving your business website templates some character and coloring outside the conventional horizontal lines. Go ahead and pick from our many Shape Divider styles to uniquely frame your content.


Shape icon box

The new icon box allows you to use SVG shapes as your icon container for the first time. Choose from 6 different shapes and apply gradient colors. Add 1800+ beautiful icons to this and you’ll have the perfect recipe for your scrumptious website.

Titles & Buttons

Make your business website templates even more colorful by by applying gradient coloring throughout the page. For the first time ever, you will be able to apply dynamic gradient colors to titles and buttons.

New blog posts

Both blog authors and readers will experience a more elegant and engaging blogging experience with our blog templates. Larger font sizes, handpicked typefaces,customised line heights, and beautiful cover image will ensure a heightened reading experience.

Other features

Shop Loop Builder


Gradient Icons

Google Map Address Box

Blog Styling and Typography


New Contact Form Style

Switching Image Shortcode

Gradient Color for Custom Box

Hover Style for Custom Box

Blending Effect for Page Section


Complex Pager for Blog

Twitter Blog Post

Instagram Blog Post

Quote Title

New Button Style

Ornamental Title

More Google Fonts

Ajax Pagination

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